The topic for the third essay: traffic

You have to write an essay, has something to do with the topic of “traffic”. Example topics you see below, but you may like to invent something else to do with it. You should as long as necessary to have your subject well is to be interpreted and justified, but a minimum of 200 words (like more). Pay attention to the structure and order of your essay, as well as the correct vocabulary, and the meaning of the Whole. The grammar will also be assessed particularly well if you use the grammatical structures we’ve learned in class, such as the subjunctive, Relative clauses, etc. please Be creative and, if suitable, also funny, but you can be sure that you are writing a telling essay. Good luck, and a lot of fun!

Examples and suggestions:

• An Accident. Have you ever experienced a car accident (or a Bicycle accident, bus accident, etc.)? Or you have a friend or relative who had an accident? They tell of the accident: what happened? how did you feel? what were the consequences?

• A Trip. Have you made a particularly interesting trip? Where? What you have seen and done? How and where you have eaten, stayed, and how you travelled? How much did it cost? Tell me about it.

• My Dream Car. You describe in detail (in detail) your dream car (or Traumbus, or dream plane, etc.). How does it look? What all it has? What do you do when you use it, and for what? How much will it cost?

• A sketch (=skit, sketch). You write a sketch, like Saturday Night Live or MadTV on the theme “transport”. There could be, for example, a Teenager who takes the car of his parents, and on-the-go has an accident … or something (I’m not creative, but you can certainly invent something!).

• etc.

Main points when Writing:

1. Write a clear and interesting story (or Reportage, sketch, etc.).

2. Use the correct tense form (=tense). For a story to write in the past https://www.essaymission.com.au/do-my-assignment/ tense or Perfect (I saw or I’ve seen). For the sketch, you can write in the present tense, because it is a dialogue. For the dream car you can either write in the present tense (my car is/has …) or in the subjunctive (my car would have would be/…). Main thing: be consistent (=consistent), and use the correct verb forms.

3. You try to integrate as much as possible the constructions of the class. Relative clauses, subjunctive, reflexive verbs, etc. are easy to use and give your essay a much better style. For example: “The car in which I sat, was very small, and I felt unsure of myself.”

4. Try to expand your vocabulary by selecting the most apt Verb, Adverb, and adjective, to describe what exactly happened.

Length: 200 words (about one page, typed two lines)

The first draft of your work is on Tuesday, the 13. November submit.

The final version will be on Friday, the 23. November due.

Mechanics. Please type your paper, using a normal sized font and margins. Leave me enough room to write in comments (I would prefer double-spacing, but at least don’t crunch everything together). Please see the class homepage for information on how to type umlauts if you don’t know how. For the rough draft, if you prefer to email me an attachment, please mail it by 5:00 on the due date. The final draft should be printed out in hard copy so you can keep a record of it.

PLEASE PROOFREAD YOUR PAPERS. I do count off for typos, spelling errors, and other easily-corrected mistakes in the first draft (as well as the second), and you can get a substantially higher grade by turning in as perfect a rough draft as possible.

A note on grading: both drafts, the rough draft and the final draft, wants to be graded. In the rough draft, I want to point out your grammatical mistakes, offering hints to help you correct them, and where possible I will offer comments on how to improve the content. I will be grading slightly more heavily on grammar than in the previous project, though the content and vocabulary are still given more weight overall want. The rough draft is worth 50%, and the final draft is worth 50%, thus the two scores together will make your final grade for the project. Please feel free to ask me for details on what I’m looking for, and if you need help with certain difficult phrasings, I can offer some advice during office hours.

Good luck and have fun!